Modifying the SITE MAP based on privileges

In CRM2011 is possible to Edit the Left menu (called SiteMap) based on the privileges of the different users.

To archive this goal you need to follow the following simple steps.

1.- Create a new solution called “MySiteMap”.
2.- Edit the solution and Add an existing component called SiteMap.

Adding the SiteMap to the solution
3.- Export the solution
4.- Extract the files of the MySitemap***.zip solution file.
5.- Edit the customization.xml file with a text file editor such as Notepad++.
6.- Find the area called SiteMap and edit it to show/hide menu options based on privileges of a user over an entity. (For example Create privilege over contact entity).

7.- Save the file, zip the solution, import it into CRM2011 and publish the solution.

 Description of the <SiteMap> Area — customization.xml:

Inside the <SiteMap> tag you will see a definition of the 5 areas that conform the SiteMap. Each area will be divided in subareas. To organize the diferent subareas you can use groups.

Areas:SiteMap Area, subarea and groups.

  • Area_Workplace
  • Area_Sales
  • Area_Marketing
  • Area_Service
  • Area_Settings
  • Area_ResourceCenter

In the image you can see the area WorkSpace with the subareas Accounts,Contacs,Marketing Lists,Leads and Opportunities.

To organize the subareas we used the Customers and Sales Groups.


A group with all his subareas hidden will not be shown.

An area with all the subareas hidden will not be shown either.

We can show / hide every subarea specifying a privilege control in each subarea the following way.

<SubArea Id=”nav_reports” Entity=”report” DescriptionResourceId=”Reports_Description”>
<Privilege Entity=”report” Privilege=”Read” />

In this example, the Subarea nav_reports will be shown only to users with grants to Read reports. You can use any entity to perform this restriction .

Areas , Groups , Subareas of the Sitemap


Using this same file you can change the names and links of any area ,group or subarea.

If you want to edit the SiteMap using JavaScript you can read this post about it.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.



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