Great post about how to use Fetch with JavaScript

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The chaps over at Customer Effective blog have written a really interesting blog post this week.  It’s called

Execute Fetch from Javascript in CRM 2011

They actually also wrote an interesting article about why Microsoft buying skype made sense, which you can read here, I found this interesting because I was thinking Microsoft had completely overpaid but then the article  mentions skype have 636 million users, Microsoft paid $8.6 billion and that works out at $14.70 per/user price.  Now that’s not much for each users and you would probably think that skype is going to grow the number of users it has.  You can see Microsoft bundling skype in with Xbox, CRM and office etc.  The last thought I had was Microsoft has money burning a hole in it’s pocket.  The only danger is that someone else/Google could create a skype competitor but then I thought the same…

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