Great post about licencing

Originally posted on CRMguru:

Kevin Machayya posted links in this article to an updated version of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Pricing and Licensing Guide. This is the definitive document for figuring out what you can and can’t do in various situations with different types of licence.

You can download it via Partnersource here (authorised LiveID required):

CRM 2011 Pricing and Licensing Guide Feb 2012 update

<edit> or the direct link here: http://crmdynamics.blob.core.windows.net/docs/Pricing_Licensing_Guide.pdf (I’m not sure if this only works when logged in with an appropriate LiveID)

The guide covers differences between user and device CALs, and the different types for “Full”, “Limited” and the new (for CRM 2011, as opposed to 4.0) “Employee Self Service” (ESS) CAL, which was covered in the previous version of the guide but I am still amazed by the number of users and even partners who seem to have never heard of it.

What’s an ESS CAL for?

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