Plugins , Workflows and C#

All the development related to Plugins and workflow activities is included in the following posts:

  1. Query N to N relationship
  2. Running workflow from a Javascript File
  3. CRM2011 and C# : Avoiding the 5000 records limitation. Paging Retrieve Multiple Results.
  4. CRM2011 – C# Datatypes
  5. CRM2011 Creating Many to Many relationshios via C#
  6. Conecting to WS from Plugins using EarlyBinding
  7. Activate/Deactivate Entities – Statuscode and statecode values
  8. Working with the Audit Data
  9. Integrating CRM2011 with ANY external system
  10. Scheduling workflows
  11. Filtering Views by intercepting Retrieve Multiple Queries with a Plugin
  12. How to generate Fetch XML from LINQ using LinqPad
  13. C# Simple query Join between to entities 1..N

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